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Casual favorites and everyday carry accessories. Produced in limited quantities and shipping across Canada.

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This Is
The '64

A new way to ride

Get around
in style.

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At Beachman we create exceptional things for enjoying life.

With our debut design we had one goal in mind: build a bike that makes every day an adventure.

Thoughts on owning a Beachman


“One of these beautiful bikes rode past me while I was walking my dog so naturally I ran after the guy, stopped him, and asked about a million questions. Within a couple of weeks my very own Beachman arrived!

Cam Linke

Liberty Village


Buying a Beachman was such a great gift to myself. I needed to find a way to get outside and see the world and zen out….that’s what the Beachman is, a joy engine on two wheels.

Aurora Browne

Ossington Village


The great thing is I can also have my girlfriend on the back and we enjoy seeing the city. The price was great, and with a distance of 70 KM on a full charge, there is nowhere I can’t go in the city.

David Wood

Trinity Bellwoods


Ebikes are fun and great for this city, but the Beachman ebike is like owning an experience that never ends!! I would recommend Beachman bikes to everyone on the planet!

Kris Siddiqi

Ossington Village


It was not the excellent price that sold me; it was the style of this bike and the after-hours replies to texts and emails. This is the kind of service I give to my customers of over 23 years in small business.

Chris Bingleman


any day, any time

Adventure Awaits

Take the road less travelled.


Beachman bikes meet all federal requirements for a motor assisted bicycle, and therefore do not require a motorcycle license, insurance, or registration in all provinces but British Columbia.

However, Beachman strongly recommends that you get your motorcycle license or participate in professional motorcycle road safety training in your area to ensure your personal safety on the road.

You should also check your local provincial guidelines on E Bikes before purchasing to ensure that you will be within the law riding your bike, as each province regulates E-Bikes in their own unique way.

In British Columbia, and soon after across Canada, our bikes will be registerable as a limited-speed motorcycle (same law as a moped) in 2022. This will allow our riders to register and insure them, require either a driver's license or motorcycle license, ditch the pedals, and most importantly gain a proper top speed of up to 70km/h, depending on the province.

Absolutely. You should be wearing a full face, DOT approved motorcycle helmet at all times while riding. It is a federal offence in Canada to ride any E-Bike without a helmet.

You can see all of the product specifications on The Bike page on our website.

Absolutely! We've partnered with Li-Cycle to offer recycling services to all customers.

More info on them at

Not yet. We are working on expanding across all of Canda before heading into international territory.